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Bullies Called Him Pork Chop. He Took That Pain With Him And Then Cooked It Into This.

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The most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time.

If things go wrong can I knock it down?

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The dusty tracks start spinning and I can’t breathe. Life is moving past in one swift motion and your face in ecstasy above mine is not comforting. I feel confused and scared and lost in the movements of routine and there is no reassurance in the smile I’ve perfected. Just the music and the dark streets can have me now and I wonder if one day, I will know how to act, what to do, without so many questions. After all these things I’ve done, I love me better now but will you pick me up when I fall down? 

Reserved for Showers and the Barely Cracked Windows of my Car.

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If I could sing, I would sing you a lullaby-e. I would rock you in my arms at night and sing you something beautiful that could match your beaten waves and I could reassure you. If I had but one wish, it would be that you would hear me.
But we all can’t be singers and the world is already filled with countless lullabies and all the music notes in the world can’t express my love for you.

The Dead of the Early Morning

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The world is simply put, grey. The lifeless sky with the remnant feathers of the last migrations looks down on us in laughter. The tears running down the cracked blue grass in pity blend into the foggy morning air that encompasses the streets. Like a post-apocalyptic war zone, the neighborhoods are deserted but for the occasional chimney smoke of the early birds spiraling upwards. And the steam letting off the cars as the frost hits them one by one. My blood red jacket amongst the scenery disturbs. It doesn’t belong here. I back up and return into my house where we are oh so cold from the winter crisps and light a fire. And the smoke peeks out of my chimney hesitantly and eventually joins the others in confidence.

Please pick up your guitar and play me your heart.

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I wanted so badly to know you. To sit in your arms and bite your earlobe while you whispered all the beautiful things about the world into my ears. I wanted to take you in and understand your darkness, your pain. But I was awkward and you were a mystery so I sat on the other side of the room in silence thinking that if your love was a song, it would be my remedy. 

The fear of desire

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There’s a bittersweet chance of slowing me down.
You locked me out of the glass castle of you and filled the moat with an infinitude of sea creatures that could gobble me up in one bite. You pushed me out past the tall iron gates with the vines that crawl all over and made me watch from the street. I could see you in the glass windows of your heart and your mind and even from the end of the long, winding driveway I knew exactly what you were feeling. I could see the expression on your face and I knew that it meant you were nostalgic. It’s okay. I was nostalgic too. I missed looking out on the grey world from the inside of that vast expanse that qualified your existence.

It’s okay. I’ll show you. There’s a bittersweet chance of slowing me down.