The fear of desire

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There’s a bittersweet chance of slowing me down.
You locked me out of the glass castle of you and filled the moat with an infinitude of sea creatures that could gobble me up in one bite. You pushed me out past the tall iron gates with the vines that crawl all over and made me watch from the street. I could see you in the glass windows of your heart and your mind and even from the end of the long, winding driveway I knew exactly what you were feeling. I could see the expression on your face and I knew that it meant you were nostalgic. It’s okay. I was nostalgic too. I missed looking out on the grey world from the inside of that vast expanse that qualified your existence.

It’s okay. I’ll show you. There’s a bittersweet chance of slowing me down.

Dancing in the Dark

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The swiftness of the movement

And the way my pink dress swirled in the wind

Of the park I used to go to dance.

The stars would be bright in the sky

And the leaves would fall in a tornado around me

And I felt one with the pavement beneath my bare feet.

The sun would come up and I knew it was time to go home

And my heart would beat faster as I left

Knowing that it would be hours before I could go back.

I miss the days when I could spend all night dancing. 

I wanted so badly…

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I wanted so badly...

Beautiful Words by John O’Callaghan

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Almost Lovers

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We walked along the boulevard
And I knew right then that I loved you.
You watched me jump the puddles that showed us the rainbows of leftover rain in our blue sky and laughed at me when I swayed with the trees in the wind that tousled my hair.
The remnants of the storm were all around us
The fallen branches and tipped over benches that used to hold the lovers kissing under the willow trees of the parks.
There was nothing at all.
But in that moment there was us and I remember what was written on that wall.
The wall whose paint got stripped off in the rain.
The one who had the picture of the dove and the one that told me to trust because love is all that endures the worst weather.
I knew that I loved you when you told me that you thought I was beautiful and leaned in to kiss me softly.
And in the puddles that I see on the streets when it rains, I remember your face when you smiled at me. And my love for you is all that remains even in the worst storms.
Goodbye my almost lover.

“The rain smells of memories”.

Earth Heals Herself

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Earth heals herself. Buckethead said it best. But if earth can heal herself why can’t we, as inhabitants be better at healing ourselves? Why is it that the moment we’re devastated, everything collapses as though an earthquake shattered our conscience and we become weapons of mass destruction waiting to pass the energy onto anyone else? And if we could heal ourselves, would we be a more productive society?


Every day, every person feels some form of discomfort, be it emotional or physical. Be it self-induced, self-explanatory, or self-indulgent we are broken. We are shattered mirrors of the better senses of ourselves that never come out to play and we go to bed every day exhausted from trying to glue the pieces back together. And then your sub-conscious decides to take you out for a ride and brings out your worst fears, worst emotions, and worst experiences so that you wake up from your dreams confused about reality and traumatized. Nothing like a jumble of fatigue and frustration to start you off on your day. We go through this day in and day out and those of us who are willing to tolerate the pain survive, but it’s not everyone. Life has an interesting way of weeding out the emotionally weak; evolution used to be about physical strength didn’t it? What happened?


If Earth can heal herself so beautifully and remain magnificent and miraculous, why can’t we? 


The Power of Imagination

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I wish you would find me. Find me in the dumpster called “Me” that houses all the tattered rags of relationships and tarnished bracelets of friendships. You would flip open the lid and see me with matted hair and mascara stained cheeks and pity me and carry me out onto the cold streets of the city and show me the lights. The lights that reflect off the winter sky and bounce back off the ice-covered sidewalks and form this perfect balanced middle of bright. We would walk on the streets without a care in the world and everyone else would judge me. But they wouldn’t know where you found me. In the dumpster that was my home for so many years. And it would all be okay because the lights formed the purgatory of earth parallel with my vision and they would keep my head held high. If you found me in my home and carried me out I know I would make it. I know that I would find my place amongst those who judged me and no one would know where I came from. But you haven’t found me. I wish you would. Until then I wait in the darkness of my destructions.